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Dr. Tanabe is excited to introduce Denteractive, a teledentistry platform, to the office.  We will use Denteractive to connect you with Dr. Tanabe prior to your initial office visit and to check on you after your surgical procedure has been completed.  You can also contact Dr. Tanabe through Denteractive if you have questions or problems after surgery.

Denteractive offers HIPAA compliant access to protect Protected Health Information (PHI) for patients and dental providers.  

You can contact us securely on a web browser through this link:  https://www.denteractive.com/profile/10182-ted-tanabe

Click the Live Text/Video button

Click Sign Up and fill in the information to generate a free account

Click the Office Appointment Request button to send us a message and we will contact you

Click the Instant Video Call button to see if Dr. Tanabe is available right now for a video chat

Click the Call Office Now button to ring us at the office

You can click on the Video Appointment tab to see what times are available to schedule an online meeting with Dr. Tanabe

You can click on the Message tab to generate a text message for Dr. Tanabe

Or you can download the Mobile app on the AppStore:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/24-7-live-dentist-response/id953793498?mt=8

Create a username and password and input your mobile phone number

Under My Existing Dentist enter "Ted Tanabe", then tap Find the dentist

Tap Ted Tanabe to access Dr. Tanabe's Denteractive page

Tap Messages to send Dr. Tanabe a secure message

Tap Appointments to schedule a video call (when available)

Tap Video call at the time of your scheduled appointment and wait for Dr. Tanabe to connect

By using this FREE service you agree to accept Denteractive Solutions Inc. Terms of use and Privacy Policy


Thank you for being part of our practice!

Dr. Ted Tanabe and Staff


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